Welcome to Calico Counseling! 

Welcome to Calico Counseling!

It can be hard to decide when to seek therapy, how exactly to begin, and what therapeutic approach is best for your specific needs. 

Marla Hylton can help answer these questions and guide you through the process of therapy at Calico Counseling.  

At Calico Counseling you will receive individualized care starting with your first phone call. Marla believes personalized care is best and prefers to talk with her clients directly. After an appointment is made you will be welcomed with a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere to share issues & concerns. Marla will listen to you and together you will create a customized ‘roadmap’ to address your concerns. Therapy is a process to help gain understanding and insight into ourselves and our relationships to determine if change is desired - and then learning how to achieve it. Marla will guide you through this process while exploring your options and possibilities. 

Calico Counseling specializes in Individual & Couples Therapy and Mediation for every day people. 

We look forward to hearing from you! 

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