How It Works & Cost


Any first experience can be intimidating as you don’t know what to expect. The first step is calling or emailing to ask any questions you may have. If you would rather ask questions during your first session, feel free to email or call to discuss available appointment times. 

During your first session we will discuss your current situation. This is a gentle process and you only need to share what you are comfortable sharing. We will then establish your therapy goals; what you would like to accomplish while in therapy, and the best approach to address them. 

The cost for each therapy session is $90.00 for a 50 to 60 minute session. This is a flat rate for all therapy types including couples, individual and family therapy. Payment is due at the time of service. Calico Counseling LLC accepts credit cards, checks and cash. 

Calico Counseling will provide clients with a receipt for their session so they can turn it into their insurance companies for reimbursement. Calico Counseling does not accept insurance at this time. 


Call or email either Kim or Marla to ask questions and set a time for a free consultation. 

During your free consultation we will explain the process, answer specific questions, review the fee structure and set the appointment for the first mediation session. It is not necessary to contact an attorney before this consultation and we can discuss your options regarding involving attorneys. 

During the first session we will review the specific and unique needs of you and your family. We guide the process while you make the best decisions for your family. You set the pace of the sessions and can stop the process at any time. We tailor the number of mediation sessions based on your unique needs and circumstances. At the end of the process you will have a plan for yourself and your children's future accompanied by a 
document that meets the legal requirements to complete the divorce.

Please contact Marla or Kim for Mediation pricing.

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